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50 Things You May Have Not Been Taught But Need To Know – Part 1

We all have things we know how to do well but many of us would not have a clue on how to survive without our modern day technologies. In addition, some of us need help operating these new gadgets as well. Our compiled list may not be 100% complete but it gives you a good idea of some of the most important things that may have been left out of your education. For a complete list, you can check out  An Incomplete Education: 3,684 Things You Should Have Learned but Probably Didn’t. 

Basic Survival Skills

Whether you are lost in the woods or you are out on your own for the first time, a few skills will ensure you make it.

1. Basic Cooking Skills – Knowing how to cook at least a few dishes when mom is not around is a great idea if you want to curb the hunger beast.

Learn how to cook pasta with Chef Ramsey


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2. Build a Fire – If your car ever breaks down and you cannot get help immediately you may find that building a fire will at least provide you with some warmth and even light until help arrives.

3. Change a Tire – This is one skill that everyone needs to know, especially if you do not want to be sitting on the side of the road for hours waiting for help.

4. Basic First Aid – You should at least know how to clean a wound, stop bleeding, and dress a cut.

5. CPR – you never know when someone you love will need fast help. Learning CPR can save a life.


6. Heimlich Maneuver – this is another life saving skill that everyone should know how to perform.


7. Swim – If you think this is just one of those skills that you will never need to learn, you may be mistaken. Just because you do not live near water, you may go on a fishing trip or even a cruise and this skill could really come in handy.

8. Parallel Park – Most drivers never have to parallel; however, it is a normal requirement in most states to obtain a driver’s license.


9. Select Produce – It can be very hard to tell if fruits and vegetables are ripe or overripe when you are shopping. Getting produce that is not on the verge of rotting will give you more time to enjoy using your veggies.

10. Use an Axe – It may come in handy to know the proper way to use an axe. Just knowing the basics can give you some firewood.

11. Use a Hammer – Want to hang a picture? Still do not know how to use a hammer. This video will help.


12. Use a Saw– Want to learn some do it yourself skills and build your own bookshelf? Then you must learn how to use a saw.


13. Do Push Ups Correctly – It will not do you any good on your exercise program if you do not do your push ups properly.

14. Do Sit Ups Correctly – Learn the proper way to do sit-ups so you get the most out of your exercise session.


15. Use a Map – You cannot always rely on the GPS navigation on your vehicle and you may not be able to get good reception to use Google maps on your phone.

16. Sew on a Button – Your button came off and you are thinking about tossing your favorite shirt in the give away pile. No need, just learn how to sew on a button and save some money.


17. Jump Start a CarIf you went for a hike and lost your car keys, you certainly do not want to wait around for a tow truck.

18. Drive a Stick Shift – Yes, there are still vehicles around with a stick shift and if you need to borrow a car, you had better learn how to drive a stick shift, just in case.


19. Paint a Room – Instead of hiring a painting, you can paint a room and save enough money to decorate it as well.



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