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31 April Fool’s Day Pranks You Can Pull On Your Kids

April Fool’s Day is just around the corner and if you have kids, you know the pranks will abound. On the other hand, you can get the upper hand and prank your kids before they have the chance to pull one over on you. Pick one or all of the 31 pranks and have fun.

1. Create a dessert grilled cheese with pound cake and frosting. Get the recipe here.


2. Make your kids a mashed potato sundae. Of course, they will not be too happy and still want ice cream. Check it out here.


3. Make your kid think he or she is the most popular kid in the neighborhood.


4. Freeze their morning cereal. Just get their breakfast cereal ready the night before and place it in the freezer. As they come to the table, just place the bowl in front of them and watch their surprised face.


5. Stick toilet or tissues into the toe of your kid’s shoes. They may just think their feet grew overnight.


6. Attach a party popper to your kid’s bedroom door. This will certainly get them moving.


7. Sew one of their socks halfway down.


8. Place a “For Sale” sign in your front yard. If they want to know where you are moving… just say wherever you think they would hate.


9. Make your kid think the principal called. Just come up with a list of crazy complaints and act like you are really upset.


10. Place a piece of tape over the remote sensor. Watch how long it takes to yell for mom or dad to help.


11. Use plastic wrap on the spout of the shampoo bottle.


12. Fix them a sunny-side-up egg using a peach half and yogurt.


13. Switch the bags inside two boxes of their favorite cereal.


14. Add a few drops of dye into the bottom of your kid’s bowl and cover it with cereal. Watch as they pour the milk into the bowl.


15. Place a few dye pellets under the cap of the bathroom faucet. Learn how here.


16. Add googly eyes to different foods in the refrigerator.


17. Change the settings on your kid’s mouse or trackpad. Just go into the settings and make the cursor go the opposite direction than it normally does.


18. Take a screencap of the desktop on your kid’s iPad or computer and leave it up full screen. They will wonder why when they click, the computer does nothing.


19. Create a surprising lunch.


20. Give them a glass of juice that is really Jell-o. Have your camera ready for that first sip.


21. Tell your kids you baked fresh Brown E’s. Let them unwrap the goodies.


22. Use fingernail polish to paint a bar of soap and leave it in the shower. They will not be able to get the soap to lather.


23. Place a helium balloon in the toilet and close the lid.


24. Tell your kid your got them an iPad.


25. Use an empty bag of Cheetos and add carrot slices. Just open from the bottom and then glue the bag back once you add the carrots.


26. After your kids go to sleep, put them in another bed or in a different area of the house.


27. Use super glue to plant a couple coins to the ground outside.


28. Tape an air horn to the wall next to their door. This will get them moving early.


29. Use onions and create caramel apples.


30. Wear a crazy wig when you pick them up at school. Just explain, you had your hair done and ask if they like it.


31. If you have the time and do not mind the extra effort, do this one.



Hope you have a fun April Fool’s Day.

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