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  • 9 Most Shocking Fads (NSFW)

    1. Condom Snorting/ Condom Challenge Just when you believe that teenagers have become so bizarre these days that they can’t come up with anything new to shock their parents, the new fad is called “condom snorting” or the “condom challenge”.  The challenge is where teens nasally ingest a condom and pull them out of their […]

  • Creative Dog Grooming Competition

    Big Bird and Elmo Design Disney Characters Design Dragon Design Elephant and Tiger Design Exotic Nature Design Flamingo and Parrot Design Hammerhead Shark Design Hippo, Penguins, and Lion Design Music Performer design RoboDog design

  • 20 Cutest Pets in Clothes

    Adidog Bad Dog Country Pig Dog Wearing a Cap ET’s Bestfriend Fancy Dog Nyan Cat Panda Dog Pirate Dog Pug Seal Puppy in Overalls Snow White PJ Puppy Royal Canines Sailor Dog SuperDog Unicorn pug Waldo Corgi Puss in Boots Walter White Dog

  • What does your favourite ice cream flavour say about you?

    Baskin Robbins recently published a survey after partnering with Dr. Alan Hirsch, a smell and taste expert and founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment & Research Foundation, to identify what some of the most popular ice cream flavors suggest about someone’s personality. ABC’s “The Lookout” decided to see if there was anything to the […]

  • 30 Surreal Places to Visit

    Abisko, Sweden Use this image as your Facebook cover photo, click here!

  • 30 Funny and Creative Ads

    3M Security Glass Bus Shelter Ad Benjamin Moore Paints Buckle Up Ad Career Junction Career Builder Coca Cola Light Computer Engineer Ad Durex Happy Father’s Day Durex Maze Durex Olympics Save Electricity ESPN Urinal Clever Fedex Ad Game of Thrones Newspaper Koleston Hair Dye Apple iPod + iTunes Funny Gym Ad Creative Kill Bill Ad […]

  • How Insanely Rich is Justin Bieber?

    Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop musician, singer-song writer and actor from Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Discovered at the age of 14 by Scooter Braun, he was noticed by his uploaded YouTube videos. With that, Scooter landed a meeting with Usher and Justin landed a contract with Raymond Braun Media. Since Justin’s debut in 2008, his […]

  • 10 Most Lavish Homes In The World

    1. Antilla, Mumbai – The First Billion Dollar home Mukesh Ambani, the fifth richest man in the world and the head of Mumbai based petrochemical giant Reliance Industries. His wife Nita Ambani, while staying at a Mandarin Oriental in New York, was impressed by its interior Asian style décor and wanted something similar to live […]

  • 50 Places You Must See Before You Die

    1. Lau Archipelago, Fiji Tucked away in the southern Pacific Ocean is a collection of 100 islands that few tourists ever get to see. The remote Lau islands, with a population of just 10,683 covering an area 188 square miles, are the perfect place to escape from phones, computers, and the hectic pace of modern […]

  • Top 10 Places To Hold Out Against The Zombie Apocalypse

    #10. Shopping Malls (West Edmonton Mall, Canada) Defense: Glass doors. An on-site shooting range with guns. This list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of a shopping mall and for this West Edmonton Mall gets the nod for being one of the largest in the world. Although battle-hardened veterans of previous zombie wars know that […]