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25 Things Your Body Does While You Sleep

There are numerous reasons why sleeping is many people’s favorite activity. This peaceful part of our day is vital for both our physical and mental well being; it is a state of mind when we can dream, relax, restore our energy etc. We often tend to think of our slumber as a very inactive and quiet activity. But as you will see in our post today, that is not true at all. You will be surprised to learn how many things are actually going on in our body when we are having a doze. You do not need to worry though. All of the things are totally normal, helping your body to work properly once you are awake again. As long-term sleep deprivation can have devastating effects on your health (see these 25 Scary Surprising Effects Of Sleep Deprivation), it is important to understand and appreciate your sleep. After all, we spend a whole third of our life sleeping. Therefore, today’s post with things your body does while you sleep might come in handy as it will help you better understand what is going in our body while we slumber away. From bruxism and sleep walking to exploding head syndrome and sleep apnea, here are 25 Things Your Body Does While You Sleep.

25. Your body temperature drops

As most of our muscles became inactive during sleep, the body burns fewer calories than during the day, so the body temperatures drops. Scientists have figured out that your body temperature is usually lowest at around 2:30 am.


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