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Gigantic 3,200-Year-Old Tree Finally Captured In One Image

On the western slope of the Sierra Nevada’s home in California stands The President along with the House and Senate. These giant sequoias are home 5,000 to 8,000 feet above sea level and this is where you will be able to meet The President, which rises 247 feet.

Other sequoias in the area may have wider trunks; however, none has the larger crown as explained by the scientists that finally climbed to the top of this beautiful tree. The trunk of The President is 27 feet wide, which is still growing one cubic meter of wood each year making it one of the quickest growing trees in the entire world. The branches of this tree hold a whopping two billion needles.

In order to get the image of The President, it took the team 32 days along with sets of pulleys and levers to climb the tree and then piecing together all the 126 photos to share the image with the world. Check out the video below the image to see just how the team of scientists accomplished this feat.





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