Unusual Place for a Desk Lamp – Shocking And Amazing – Will Make You Look At Things Differently.

Consider strolling down a cobbled lane hand in hand with your special someone in the evening. It is just getting dark and your round the corner to see a very unusual looking street lamp. Do you stop and stare or burst out laughing?

A Reddit user found this very strange desk lamp on a cobbled lane in Birmingham, United Kingdom. It does belong there and is certainly an eye catcher. Kind of makes you feel like a giant since you are use to seeing these types of lamps on your desk or nightstand and certainly not lighting up a dark street.


Want to get an up-close look for your self? Then you should visit The Mailbox in Birmingham, UK. You will certainly be amazed.

This desk lamp may just be the artwork by Claes Oldenburg as he is an expert at adding various large unsuspecting sculptures of various objects in public areas. Other classic is a giant tube of lipstick.


Great idea and certainly would be a cool place to get your photo taken.


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