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Tiny Houses For Everyone. The Items Used To Create The Home Is Astounding!

Everyone is talking about tiny houses and the way you can save money and help the environment at the same time. The Pallet House Project is the creation of the designers at I-Beam Design in which old American pallets are taking the world by storm in the way of designer houses. The idea came to I-Beam Design when they figured out that around 84% of refugees from the world could be given a place to live just by recycling these throw away pallets in just one year. These numbers were figured due to the amount of pallets created in the US in only 1 ½ years, which could actually give 33 million refugees a place to call home in a Pallet House.

With these cheap tiny houses, thousands of people could have a place to call home. The best part of all is that the material to build the home is practically free and the design can be built in less than a day.

The Pallet House was first created by I-Beam Design as transitional shelter for refugees that were returning to Kosovo.


The house is simple and offers a variety of options, so every family can build their home based on their own needs.


Supplies are easy to find as the house is built from wooden pallets.


Only with the materials being easy to find, you only need basic tools to build the house.


Adding other materials like tarps or plastic is also easy to find without cost, since these materials are also often thrown away.


For those wanting to add air conditioning or heat, the design can be upgraded easily. Insulation can also be implemented to help with keeping the home warm or cool.


The creators, I-Beam Design offer the “IKEA-style assembly instructions” to those wishing to build their own home. You do not need any special training as just about anyone can follow the simple instructions.


If you would like an easy to use kit, you can purchase one for a mere $75. The kit includes the PDF plans, renderings, diagrams, photos, elevations, sections, and a list of the material and tools you will need to complete your home.


The home may have been originally designed for refugees, but consider one as your getaway cabin or for one of those relatives that comes unexpected to visit.


It is truly wonderful and unique the things you can create from what others throw out.


Okay, the downside is that the plans do not include indoor plumbing; however, you can still use the plans to create a nice cabin or a playhouse for the kids all from recycled materials.


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