This 98-Year-Old Man Is Legally Blind, But Can Still Paint Incredibly. How He Does Will Leave You in Awe.

Hal Lasko a grandfather at one time was a graphic artist during the time that all the work was performed by hand. He worked during World War II drafting military maps. After his time in the military, he worked with several companies on their various creative projects including American Greetings until he retired in the 1970’s. Lasko, today, has a disease known as wet macular degeneration that brings on blindness in the center of his vision. He was afraid that his painting days were over; however, his family on his 85th birthday gave him a surprise – a brand new computer that was complete with Microsoft Paint Software. Lasko is now enjoying painting on his computer 10 hours a day by moving pixels.

“When I got the computer and saw what the paint program offered, I started a whole new career almost. It’s so easy for me to handle,” Lasko says. “Every time I paint on it, I’m trying to do something that’s approaching fine art.”


A Glow Fish


Tree and moon



Looking Up


Woods in Avon


He wants to inspire others that see his works of art to realize that age and even handicaps that may challenge you should not stop you from going after your dream and enjoying the things you love. Lasko’s prints are available online.

Watch the video.

Hal Lasko is an inspiration to everyone! Share his stunning art with others to keep alive the dreams and let others realize that nothing is impossible.


Photo Credits: Hal Lasko/vimeo


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