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Something out of a Horror Movie? Families Falling From Their Home To Their Death!

Are those people jumping to their death, falling or trying to back into the building? It may take you a few minutes to discover what is actually happening here. None of these people are in any danger at all, but you are enjoying a bit of an illusion all created by Leandro Erlich. Did he fool you?

Leandro Erlich Argentine artist is known around the world for his fascinating, three-dimensional visual illusions.


The creation and installation was commissioned by the Barbican in Dalston.


On the ground horizontally, you will find a very detailed front of a classic Victorian home.


Above the home on the ground, mirrors are positioned to reflect the house in exact replica.


While those visiting the home are standing, laying or acting, it appears if they are suspended, climbing, or falling from the building if you look at the mirror.


The optical illusion, even if you it your family on the home on the ground will need to take a double take.


Families from around the world have fun creating and play acting different scenarios.


Cool place for the family greeting card photo this year.


Want to visit? The piece of astonishing art work known as the Dalston House is home in Hackney right off Dalston Junction in London. The creation was installed on a vacant lot that has remained empty since the 2nd World War when it was bombed.

Want to see more of this brilliant artist’s work? You can visit his online website here http://www.leandroerlich.com.ar/

Source: Barbican



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