Scrap Metal Dealer Finds Egg Worth $33.3 million!

Are you one of those people that wish you could be lucky enough to find a rare find at a garage sale? We always hear of so and so finding a rare painting, a coin, or even a piece of furniture that they buy for $5 and then discover it is worth millions.

This is another story similar to that but the find was a rare egg. A scrap metal dealer that wishes to remain anonymous, from the Midwest stumbled upon a golden egg at a sale. He had an idea it was worth a bit of money and more than the asking price of $13,000, so he decided to drop that chunk of change on this beautiful egg.


I would not have paid $13,000 for an egg, however, the man was smart and it truly paid off this time. The egg, which is truly a masterpiece of art, is worth $33.3 million as reported to the Daily Telegraph. Wondering why an egg would be worth so much? This egg just happened to be the prize possession of Russia’s Tsar Alexander II, which during the Russian Revolution was seized. This egg is actually a Faberge egg and there are very few that are known to exist.

A Faberge expert, Kieran McCarthy, the Faberge expert expressed the egg find was like the find of Indiana Jones when he discovered the Lost Ark as reported by Daily Mail.

The new owner of the egg researched online and discovered an article seeking information on the exact egg he had just purchased.

He found an expert and now he can retire in style and beyond.

The last report of the egg’s whereabouts until now was in March of 1902 as stated by Press Association’s report.


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