Pizza Delivery Guy Gets A Surprise From What He Thought Were Cheap Customers

Delivery drivers along with a few other occupations have workers that are just plain taken for granted. Many people do not even think about tipping the pizza delivery guy but it is important as it helps them make money.

A Reddit user delivered a pizza the other night. The total for the pizza was $22.67 and the couple gave him $23 and told him to keep the change. Wow! A .33-cent tip. However, the next day he received a huge surprise when he went into work.

The couple had dropped off this card.


No, there was no cupcake inside the card, but there was a note and a bigger surprise.


This couple could not handle the thought of the tiny tip they gave the pizza guy. There are still very nice people in the world.

Source: Reddit

Share this act of kindness with others, so they realize there are nice people left in the world.



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