• Simple Ideas That Are Simply Genius – Part 17

    These simple ideas will make you wonder why you did not think of that. The bag for tennis shoes on the dryer is certainly ingenious, no more rattling and banging around in the dryer. The infrared monitor for babies is awesome. Every parent should have one. Paper Dish

  • Magician Fakes Out Dogs! Salli Has The Right Idea!

    These dogs are just cute as can be …. watch as Jose Ahonen tricks the dogs with disappearing doggie treats. No worries, these dogs actually received treats before and after being tricked. Makes me think I had better get some more treats for my dog. If you enjoyed the video, share with your friends.   […]

  • Amazing Musician In Sync With His Music And Violin. Awesome!

    DSharp has completely mastered the violin even though it is one of the hardest instruments to play and he only started playing in 1999. DSharp is more than just a violinist as he is also an artist, DJ, and music promoter. Want to keep up with all his activities, like him on Facebook. Credit: IAmDSharp […]

  • 7 Homes That Look Unreal … But People Call Them Home

    1. Rock House in Portugal 2. Kettle House in Galveston, Texas 3. Boeing 747 Home in Hillsboro, Oregon 4. Beer Can House in Houston, Texas 5. Upside Down Home in Trassenheide, Germany. 6. The Mushroom House in Pittsford, New York 7. House Boats in Encinitas, California I would really enjoy visiting the Mushroom House. The […]

  • Simple Ideas That Are Simply Genius – Part 16

    Space saving ideas are always the best especially for those that do not live in mansions. I love the compact kitchen design and the woven beanbag chair. That chair has to be more enjoyable to sit on than a vinyl one that makes you hot and sticky. Wall-mounted built-in ironing board Buy this here: http://www.amazon.com/Iron-A-Way-Wall-mounted-ironing-spotlight-Mirrored/dp/B00414KADI/ Pet […]

  • Couple Creates The Most Beautiful Video To Celebrate Pregnancy. This Is Amazing.

    This lovely couple took photos every day through their 9 months of pregnancy. Video and song by Tom Fletcher.

  • Simple Ideas That Are Simply Genius – Part 15

    From kitchen gadgets to cool ways to build bedrooms or decorate, these ideas are sure to get you wanting to redecorate your home. The beds inside part of the wall are a genius idea. They not only save space but also allow for a bookshelf or small table for reading at night. Pepper Corer Seeder […]

  • Simple Ideas That Are Simply Genius – Part 14

    Most of these gadgets are perfect for those on the go. The chair that turns into a tent is really awesome and the bean that turns into a bed is perfect for guest. I like the swing for the little ones. Taga Bike-Stroller Buy this here: http://www.tagabikes.com/shop.asp?lang=eng Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot Buy this here:  http://www.amazon.com/Kamp-Rite-TB343-Double-Tent-Cot/dp/B000I6420U/ […]