Hidden Beach Known As The Weirdest Beach In The World Gets Attention. Check Out The Photos To See If It Lives Up To Its Name.

This beautiful and amazing beach is close by Llanes, home in Northern Spain and is honestly a rare treasure. The beach has everything you would expect from a beach – golden sand, waves, and crystal clear salt water.

Why is it known by the weirdest beach in the world, then?


It is located 100 meters from the shoreline!


The tides come in and out just as you would find with any beach in the world.


This unique Bay of Biscay is only connected to beach and the Cantabrian Sea via tunnels that are found under the cliffs all created by erosion.


The water is beautiful and crystal clear.


Looks like a wonderful place for a romantic getaway.


Gulpiyuri beach may not be as hidden as some might think.


The view you see as you approach the beach. 8 Watch the video below to find you way to the Gulpiyuri beach. Should be added to your bucket list for sure.


I would love to see this beach. I enjoy off the beaten track sights that are practically untouched by humankind. Well worth sharing with your friends.

Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Photo Credits: emergentlandscapes.files.wordpress.com, worldisround.com, 2.bp.blogspot.com, allworldbest.blogspot.com, worldisround.com, and Google Streetview.



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