Don’t Judge a House by its Exterior! Exciting And Appealing Awaits Inside.

Most modern houses today have a stunning exterior that matches the interior and the décor. This one on the other hand seems to be very ugly on the outside, but what can you expect from shipping containers.

Modulus discovered a new way to use metal shipping containers that stylish and functional at the same time. I truly would love to own one of these.

David Fenster of Modulus designed a dream home in the Santa CruzMountains using ugly shipping containers.


Of course, he used all kinds of creative and modern materials for the interior.


The house not only clashes with its surroundings, but also looks completely out of place.


On the other hand, the uniqueness of the metal design along with the wood makes a great and beautiful fit.


I was amazed at just how bright it is inside the metal container. The natural light makes it stunning for sure.


Would you believe it took around six shipping containers to create the house?


The result of the combination of metal shipping containers and the location of the home was breath taking.

 The unique combination of the metal that is placed against the woods is stunning and the interior of the home is awesome. I would certainly live in this house, how about you?

Source: Modulus


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