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Digging for Gold Has Never Been Easier – Find Out What This Couple Found Walking Their Dog.

In February of 2013, a GoldCounty couple in Northern California was out walking their dog on their property, when they noticed something buried under a large shade tree. What they found completely changed their lives.

At first, it looked like an old can and it was; however, what was inside has made history.

Inside those old cans were rare mint condition gold coins.


They could not believe that this was buried in their backyard where they had enjoyed many walks before.


Inside those old rusty cans were 1,427 coins, all dating from 1847 to 1894.


The face value of the coins may seem like not much at only $27,000…


However, expert coin collectors estimate the coins could be sold for around $1 million per coin, due to their rarity.


No picks, no axes, and only a small shovel. Now, that is a better way to dig for gold.


It is believed that the owner of the property 150 years ago buried the coins possibly for a rainy day.


The self-employed married couple that found the rare gold coins are not going to let their find change them. They stated they will sell the gold coins online but are very happy with their lives as they are living now.


The main reason the coins are so rare and so extremely valuable is that they were found in mint condition, even though they were buried in old rusty cans 150 years ago.


The gold coins were in $5, $10 and $20 denominations and were stored very carefully in the ground even in chronological order. This shows the original owner buried them such as using their own property as a bank and not the result of any type of robbery.

Next time, you are out in your backyard and notice something peeking up out of the ground; it would be an excellent idea to dig it up. You never know what you might find. Of course, it might be nothing more than a tin can; however, it could be worth millions of dollars. This couple decided to check it out and discovered the most valuable hidden gold coin stash in the US.

Source: Daily Mail

Update: In a recently published report by Jack Trout on the San Francisco Chronicle Website the coins the couple found may have been part of a heist all the way back in 1900. According to the report, the coins were possibly stolen from the US Mint, which would make the coins the property of the US government.


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