$9K Tiny Home In All Its Splendor

Steve Areen wanted some time off from work, but the way in which he took the time off from being a Delta flight attendant is almost magical. He moved to an organic mango farm in northeast Thailand, where he built his mango colored dome home. The color is kind of an orange inside and out to match the tropical feel of the area.

Honestly, he did not do all the construction alone. A few friends pitched in and helped build the basic structure that is made from concrete bricks and cement blocks and then covered with a coat of terra cotta paint.

To build the dome home it only took 6 weeks and as Areen stated on his website, the home was “low cost and time-efficiency” to build, which is one reason he wanted to build it as he put it he “probably would not have built it if was a long process.” Of course, we must remember that the cost of supplies in Thailand is inexpensive when compared to other regions. The breakdown of the costs was $6K for the construction with the landscaping, stonework, detailing and furnishings the total was only $9.

Details of the dome home that bring it all together include an outdoor pond, grass roof the bedroom, bamboo faucets, and a rooftop gazebo. The home is attached to electricity and water-heating systems but receives plenty of naturally lighting and is cooled during the day by the cutout sections found in the roof. Inhabitat stated that Areen was so excited about the dome home he is “currently scouting out property in Oregon with a group of people so that he can build another,” however, with earthen bricks and even more sustainable methods.

Check out the photos below, I am sure you will want to build your own.












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