• 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Christmas

    There is quite possibly no other annual event that affects our lives as much as Christmas. In fact, entire economies are based around the holiday. If for some reason the Grinch actually did manage to steal Christmas it would certainly cause massive disruptions in international trade and potentially lead to a domino effect of apocalyptic […]

  • 38 Things Only Cat Owners Will Understand.

    If you have a cat, you can confirm that the images below are absolutely true. #1. #2.  #3.  #4. #5. #6. #7. #8. #9. Go for a kiss and this happens. #10. #11.  #12. #13. 🙂 #14. #15. #16. #17. #18. #19. #20. #21. #22. #23. #24. #25.  #26.  #27.  #28. #29. #30. #31. #32. […]

  • These Animal Selfies Are Way More Awesome Than Your Profile Picture And You Know It!

    Everybody loves taking selfies these days. It’s not even a new phenomenon. All those renowned artists of yesteryear who painted self-portraits? Selfies (which took a longer time to appear). Selfies are as old as photography, with the first photo selfie dated at 1839. And you know what? We’re still mostly terrible at them. Thankfully, we have our friends in the […]

  • 21 Bizarre Things You Probably Don’t Know About China. I Simply Had No Idea.

    The majority of Americans don’t know everything there is to know about their own country (after all, there is a lot of history there). So it’s not surprising that most people don’t know a lot of facts about one of our biggest rivals, China. Geopolitical experts have called China the “sleeping dragon” because of its rapidly growing […]

  • 24 Happy Animal Photos Thanks To The People Who Rescued Them

    Often times when I browse through my Facebook newsfeed I see disturbing images and stories of animal abuse, it’s absolutely heartbreaking. Luckily, the world is not all bad and there are great people doing some really wonderful things to help animals. Here are 24 animal rescuers who took the time to make a difference in an animal’s life. […]

  • Brave Squirrel Fights Off Multiple Crows To Protect Dead Friend

    This squirrel is the true definition of a loyal friend. After his friend passed away, he continued to ward off the crows and protect the still body. I’ve never seen a squirrel do anything like this! Even in the animal kingdom, an amazing friend is something to cherish.

  • 9 Fast Money Saving Life Hacks

    These quick tips are sure to help save you money around the house.

  • I Bet You Have Never Seen These 33 Incredible Photos Before. Get Ready To Be Amazed.

    1.) Believe it or not, but this is just one picture! (with some tricky forced perspective). imgur 2.) A teeny tiny sea turtle hops on a jelly fish for a ride. imgur 3.) An arctic wolf made only using pipe cleaners – simply amazing. imgur 4.) A sand bar near the Bermuda Triangle that sunk 16 ships. […]

  • Pittbull Puppy Is Ecstatic To Be Reunited With The Man That Rescued Him From Abandonment

    It was truly an emotional scene at this veterinary clinic when Joey Wagner was reunited with a pitbull puppy he had rescued. Joey is an animal rescuer in Nova Scotia and came across the badly mange-infested pup all by itself out in the cold. He immediately brought the little guy to a vet for some much needed […]